I love a Daytona rose gold Rolex 🔱, the black face, I got a Fendi fur, some Tom Ford thigh high’s and a crocodile Birkin. That’s not basic right here Not basic? Nah, no basic bitches allowed 💂Why? Basic bitches make me nervous. Yes. They make me nervous. You wanna impress? Yeah, I’m gon’ show you. If you’re a boss, this stack 💰 right here falls out of your pocket, you don’t even got time to pick it up 🐾 You don’t got time. You keep going 🐾 It’s probably not worth your time. (Your minutes cost more than the stack.) Keep it moving 💨Keep it fresh 💥💸 Keep it money, baby. All day.) It’s our money dance. I have my basic bitches pick up my money for me 😏 I pay my basic bitches to pick up my money for me 👙 (Alright, that’s cool) I tell ‘em keep it. Buy something nice 💄🚁 I heard Raven’s having a sale. Yes. You know
    the real boss bitches though? It’s called George condo 🙇 Make me a fucking one of a kind .. One in one’s .. How much was it?
    Priceless, baby
    Priceless. So what’s a typical shopping day for you? How much?
    Typical shopping? It’s never typical with me. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in that day. People fucking throw 🌹 rose petals 🌹at me when I walk by. They throw Belaire Rosé Why they do that? ☝️
    I’m a fucking boss. 😎 Ugh .. But there really is a lot of money on the floor 💵💸 What is that? 💨

    My Hatin Joint | Habits & Contradictions 🏡

    Their opinion doesnt count. We the only thing that matters 🃏✨🌟💫💨. Missin these Jiggy Motherfuckers already #MP #AuntyToluAss. Me n @stcatherine_ be killin every motherfucker everyday 😎 #Engineering #ASVP #FKillurGang. No Suit n Tie but the VC still felt that shii 🙌 Peace!


    Model: aliibahbah

    More of my photography: HERE


    Stampd & En Noir

    Close your eyes for a bit and realize creativity in everything after you open. 🃏

    All up in your face, hate to put you through it (at The Business Show, Olympia St)


    You feel like a smirk before the shot but realize perfection afterwards ✨✨💫

    Happy Birthday Fam! ✨💥💫 You have grown me. I have learnt more than Wisdom from this jiggy motherfucker.. Affiliation to many $uccesses.. Burn Down Yaga 🔥 #Lord$NeverWorry 🎉🎊

    The best things in life are best shared with the best people in your life #TheWatchers .. Tourism should be appreciated!! ✨💫 Higher than a Genie, I’ll grant you infinite wishes 😏

    Lookin’ like a saviour, let me be your ruler 😤💨💨